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Escapee caught by officials as 2 others still at large

Escapee caught by officials as 2 others still at large
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EscapeeFour detainees from the Raymond Detention Center escaped earlier this week, prompting authorities to initiate a hunt.

Those who have left the detention center include Dylan Arrington, 22, Corey Harrison, 22, Casey Grayson, 24, and Jerry Raynes, 51.

One of the escapees died during the week, two others continued on the run, and a third was arrested recently.

The news

One of the four offenders who ran off from a Mississippi jail over the weekend was captured in Texas on Thursday.

Authorities are still seeking for the remaining two escapees after Dylan Arrington was declared deceased.

According to the Hinds County Sheriff, he was discovered dead in a burned-out house near Carthage, Mississippi.

Jerry Raynes’ return to jail was confirmed by Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones on Twitter on Thursday.

“Escapee Jerry Raynes is in custody in Spring Valley, Texas,” he said.

“(US Marshals Fugitive Task Force), Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Spring Valley PD assisted with the capture. Raynes will be held facing extradition back to MS.”

The arrest

Raynes was spotted on Sunday, according to Jones on Wednesday.

He was at Spring Valley Village, around 400 miles southwest of the Raymond Detention Center in Hinds County.

The four escapees climbed onto the roof and fled from the correctional complex on Saturday night.

Investigators uncovered a car that Raynes is suspected of stealing.

Raynes was being held in jail on charges of auto theft and business burglary, according to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, Arrington was charged with auto theft and possession of a firearm.

Grayson was arrested on suspicion of selling illicit drugs and committing grand larceny.

Harrison was accused of receiving stolen property.

Arrington’s demise

Dylan Arrington, an escapee from the Raymond Detention Center, was discovered dead on Wednesday.

The night before his death, an escapee was sighted in the nearby region, according to authorities in Carthage’s Leake County.

On Wednesday morning, authorities caught him at the apartment after he opened fire and struck a deputy in the leg.

During the two-hour incident, only the deputy was injured.

At midday, police responded to a fire at the location where Arrington had locked himself in.

According to the sheriff, the structure was entirely engulfed in flames when Arrington started throwing shots at the police officers outside.

“I believe (the person inside the home) did not intend to leave here alive today,” he said.

The body of Arrington was discovered in the burned-out residence, and the cause of death is being looked into.

Raymond residents are worried about Casey Grayson and Corey Harrison, the two remaining escapees.

“I’m scared for my family,” said Scott Dudley, a Raymond resident.

“I’ve got three grandchildren that are right here in town – every day, all day. So yeah, that bothers me.”

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Anthony Watts

Dylan Arrington is suspected of shooting and killing Rev. Anthony Watts on Monday before taking and driving away in his red Dodge Ram 1500 car, according to Jackson Police Chief James E. Davis.

Jones characterized Watts as a good Samaritan who stopped to help someone who was obviously engaging in criminal behavior and activity.

Watts, according to officials, pulled over to the side of the road on Monday evening to aid Arrington.

While riding his stolen motorcycle, the criminal was involved in an accident.

Based on the information they have, investigators think Arrington shot the reverend many times before leaving in his pickup vehicle.

According to police, Watts was unconscious on the roadway when cops arrived.

Karen Fairley later verified the reverend’s death.

Carl Burton, the associate pastor of St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, is Fairley’s father.

“That was the type of person he was. He always wanted to help,” she said.

“Always wanted to know what he can do, whatever the circumstance may be.”

“He always told you he loved you and his spirit was so sincere, so kind, and so loving to just everyone he came in contact with.”

Authorities have cautioned others in the matter of Corey Harrison and Casey Grayson’s absence.