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‘All Too Well’ Didn’t Secure a Spot in the Academy Awards Shortlist

Taylor Swift is sure to remember this all too well for years to come.

This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed a glimpse into their upcoming Oscars ceremony. 

They narrowed down an impressive list of hopefuls to create their shortlist for 2023’s nominees, with March already marked in calendars as the much-anticipated night when Hollywood honors its finest talent. 

After considering a wide pool of options, the Academy has expertly selected its top picks in 10 categories.

Taylor Swift’s gripping music video for “All Too Well” was unable to secure an Oscar nomination despite her astute campaigning tactics. So, unfortunately, it didn’t make the list of 15 contenders for Best Live-Action Short Film at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

With a large variety of films vying in the same category, 81 to be exact, members from four branches had the difficult task of narrowing down their choices. 

From that pool emerged 15 qualified nominees set for consideration by deserving names among Directors and Producers alike.

Swift’s newest short film (“All Too Well”) invites us to explore the painful tale of a young couple as they experience both the exhilaration and frustration of an intense relationship. 

Set against her powerful song “All Too Well” from her 2021 released album Red (Taylor’s Version), this vibrant narrative paints a vivid picture in our minds, reminding us that while love can be beautiful, it can also bring deep hurt and sorrow.

The directorial debut made a splash in pop culture, as she gave “All Too Well” the cinematic treatment. The star-studded cast included Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf, and Sadie Sink from popular series such as The Whale and Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.

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New Chapter

Swift boldly forged a new path with her directorial debut (“All Too Well”), shooting the project on film and delighting fans at prestigious festivals like Tribeca and Toronto.

Furthermore, she made history at the VMAs, becoming the first artist to win Video of the Year and Best Direction for self-directed work. 

The captivating visual of “All Too Well” is also up for another accolade in this awards season – that’s right, it has been nominated as one of 2020’s Best Music Videos at the Grammys. 

With multiple award nominations, festival appearances and a featured spot in Variety’s Directors on Directors series for her film-helming skills, it was no surprise when Swift set the sights of her ambition higher to secure an Oscar nod from the Hollywood elite.

But academy members didn’t share the same admiration, but Swift is still on track to potentially win an Oscar this year. Her song “Carolina” from Where The Crawdads Sing was shortlisted in Best Original Song contenders – with a chance of making history. 

And the pop star is no stranger to making history, and it seems she’s determined to continue that streak with her feature film directorial debut. Swift recently announced an exciting new venture with Searchlight Pictures as both the scriptwriter and director of her very own movie. 

“Taylor is a once-in-a-generation artist and storyteller,” Searchlight presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield said. “It is a genuine joy and privilege to collaborate with her as she embarks on this exciting and new creative journey.”

With a newfound confidence and her sights set on the future, she’s decided to express herself through bold fashion choices – styling for success instead of sorrow.

All Too Well Star

From an early age, “All Too Well” star Sink has been determined to reach the top of Hollywood’s A-list. At just seven years old she leaped into regional theater in Texas and hasn’t looked back since – now a force at 20. 

The past decade proved to be an extraordinary time, culminating in the remarkable year of 2022; a period few will ever forget.

Swift made 2022 a hallmark year for herself with the success of her album Midnights and multiple awards nods. Still, she also paid tribute to fellow entertainer Sink as one of Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year. 

Swift celebrated in style to show her admiration for “All Too Well” star Sink. 

From the silver screen to live stages, Sink is an incredible talent. Watching her bring our characters to life in front of the camera was mesmerizing – she skillfully crafted a nuanced performance that felt both effortless and complex at once.

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What Sink Offers

What initially seemed like a performance quickly became something much more powerful. Through her grief and loss, she conveyed an authentic emotion that could not be ignored.

“I often tell people that Sadie’s face is so transparent, you can even see the thoughts she almost has. After over a decade of work, as the internet would say, this year, ‘Sadie Sink’s rent was due,'” she said.  

“She helped bring “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush back into the cultural spotlight with a harrowing performance as Max Mayfield on Stranger Things season 4.”

She pushed her incredible range to the limit while taking on a role of unparalleled complexity with The Whale. As Brendan Fraser’s challenging and determined daughter, Ellie, she moved audiences in Darren Aronofsky’s powerful film.

After years of being overlooked and misunderstood, Ellie’s frustration and hurt built up into a rage that demanded precise attention. This was where Sadie proved her mettle: by understanding exactly how to navigate through the chaos in an artful fashion.

“Sadie is as precise as a surgeon’s scalpel. She’s a firecracker of emotion and a complete professional,” Darren said of working with her.

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