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The Flash rumored to become part of new DCU

The Flash
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The Flash: Comic book movies or superhero movies are films based on comic book plots and characters.

With several adaptations of well-known comic book characters like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man produced by major Hollywood studios, these movies have gained appeal in recent years.

DC was at the vanguard of comic book movies as early as the 1970s.

The immensely popular Marvel films overshadowed DC, but it has been trying to follow it with its own unique cinematic universe.

One of the upcoming DC movies to hit theaters this year is The Flash.

James Gunn

James Gunn has been in charge of tearing down many of the elements that Zack Snyder constructed since he was appointed an executive of DC.

Superman actor Henry Cavill came to a meeting with Gunn to hear about their new strategy.

The main continuity Batman will no longer be played by Ben Affleck, while Wonder Woman 3, starring Gal Gadot, has been canceled.

There were rumors that Jason Momoa might play Lobo instead of continuing Aquaman.

It seems that only Ezra Miller will continue to play The Flash in James Gunn’s updated DC Universe.


Despite being first announced in October 2014, The Flash movie took more than ten years to arrive in theaters.

Since then, the project has gone through many stages of development.

Warner Bros. postponed the release of The Flash, which was initially planned for last year.

Due to post-production issues, Warner Bros. Discovery pushed it back to the summer of 2023.

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One of the most likely causes of the film’s controversies is Ezra Miller’s multiple legal troubles.

The Flash actor ran into legal problems in Hawaii before gaining court orders for their altercation with Tokata Iron Eyes.

In the middle of 2022, Miller was charged with threatening a woman and her family.

Around the actor’s Vermont farm, which was also the subject of controversy, were firearms, bullets, and marijuana.

They were ultimately charged with felony burglary in Vermont.

Ezra Miller has received mental health treatment and apologized to the public, but their actions turned the DC project into a divisive release.

The news

Since the film is slated to hit theaters this year, there have been speculations concerning Ezra Miller’s prospective involvement with the Flash franchise.

According to Variety, several Warner Bros. executives are willing to work with the actor after the film is released.

In spite of legal troubles, it was unclear if Ezra Miller would keep as Barry Allen after the standalone movie.


Whether it was Warner Bros. or CEO David Zaslav, Picture Heads Pam Abdy and Michael De Luca remains unclear.

No matter which executive it is, there is no assurance that Ezra Miller will land the long-term role.

When it was revealed that Henry Cavill would no longer be portraying the Man of Steel, Gal Gadot was the only actress who remained on board.

James Gunn has yet to reveal his plans for the Wonder Woman movie.

Jason Momoa might leave the Aquaman role and return as Lobo.

Ezra Miller’s rejoining the Justice League after the standalone Flash film won’t make sense if the league is going to start from scratch.

James Gunn or Peter Safran has not yet mentioned the executives who supported Miller’s comeback.

The new DCU

Regardless of how well The Flash performs at the box office, James Gunn has stated that a new DC Universe is on the way.

DC’s decision to use an “Elseworlds” strategy for the upcoming film and its sequels makes sense.

The former DCU, or the Snyderverse, may coexist with the current one, much like the Arrowverse, which exists outside of the main continuity.

The Flash franchise can live on regardless of what the new DCU does if the studio is open to the idea.

Except for the Elseworld movies, Ezra Miller’s status still stands in the way of their place in DC.

For DC Studios to continue working with Miller, the fact that they sought mental health therapy and voiced their apologies, might not be enough.


Ezra Miller may continue as The Flash in James Gunn’s new DCU