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Nick Wood: The “King of Digital Real Estate” Teaches Entrepreneurs the Art of Passive Income

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The American entrepreneur is changing the online hustle landscape with Digital Landlords, a thriving online course community for generating life-changing passive income. 

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE May 26, 2023 – Nick Wood, known as the “King of Digital Real Estate,” is revolutionizing the way people earn money online with his online course community, Digital Landlords. As the founder and CEO, Wood has built a multi-7 figure business empire, empowering hundreds of students worldwide to create a sustainable online “side hustle” and “escape the rat race.” 

Born and raised working on his family’s generational alfalfa farm in the southern United States, Wood developed an unwavering work ethic and a commitment to seizing opportunities. Inspired by the farmer’s adage “Make hay while the sun shines,” he embarked on a two-year humanitarian journey into the jungles of West Africa at the age of 19. His dedication and fluency in the local dialect earned him recognition on BBC News Africa while he gained a platform online under his local nickname Krio Borbo (“Krio boy” in the local language Krio) to showcase the region’s vibrant culture. 

Upon returning to the United States, Wood embarked on a path in business, starting as a door-to-door salesman in the scorching summer heat. After a decade of navigating failed tech ventures, resulting in a sizable $60,000 debt, he harnessed his resilience to bounce back. After discovering the online industry of rank and rent digital real estate, he built a 7-figure income in less than a year of studying and learning the business model. 

Wood’s mission became clear: to teach aspiring entrepreneurs his proven strategies in the digital real estate space and empower a new generation of digital entrepeneurs away from traditional employment. His vision gave birth to Digital Landlords, a thriving online course community that equips its users with the instruction and methods to generate what students are calling “life-changing passive income” through the creation of websites in niche markets. 

Digital Landlords offers Nick Wood’s comprehensive curriculum designed to guide students through the process of building a lucrative online business. Key components of the course include Niche Selection, Website Construction, Paid Advertising, Lead Monetization, Asset Expansion, and finally, as Wood puts it, “rinse, wash, repeat the success.” 

Much of the success of Digital Landlords lies in its accessibility. The course requires no prior sales or technical experience and can be pursued from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection. The success stories of “Landlords” students speak volumes, with individuals from various backgrounds, aged 18 to 60, earning from $10,000 a month–up to $45,000 per month in one student’s case—in completely passive income, requiring only their phone and laptop. 

Nick Wood’s relentless pursuit of financial independence and his commitment to helping others achieve the same has earned him recognition as a straight-shooting, money-hungry dreamer. With a vision to amass a $100 million net worth in the next three years, Wood plans to leverage his resources and influence to create job opportunities for the people of Africa, enabling them to build sustainable online income for generations to come. 

To learn more about Nick Wood, founder and CEO of  Digital Landlords, and learn how to generate passive income, visit www.iamnickwood.com and www.digitallandlords.com. You can stay updated with Nick Wood on Instagram at iamnickwood, TikTok at digitaldrugdealing, and Facebook at The Art of Preselling. 

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