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Live-quitting: Resigning before an audience

Is live-quitting jobs on TikTok the latest trend? Live resignations are becoming more common. As a result, the videos get millions of views. Even years after the Great Resignation, a lot of people are still quitting their jobs. Even though a lot of people still send

How US employers promote the gender wage gap

… In a survey by the Pew Research Center in October 2022, half of U.S. adults said that employers treating women differently is one of the main reasons for the wage gap between men and women. However, fewer people think that women make different choices about

How Montessori education came into existence

… Montessori education has been praised by technological geniuses, country builders, and famous artists, but does it stand up to scientific scrutiny? David Robson and Alessia Franco look into it. While analyzing the lives of the rich and famous, it’s always tempting to look for the

Jaxen Spurs, A Revolutionary Sound and Spirit

Jaxen Spurs, A Revolutionary Sound and Spirit

In the pulsating world of music, where the rhythm of innovation and creativity seldom skips a beat, the emergence of Jaxen Spurs feels like an electric jolt of fresh energy. An unknown entity just months ago, Spurs has managed to rise like a phoenix in one

Estrogen could possibly go lower, new study revealed

Estrogen could possibly go lower, new study revealed

Estrogen — Estrogen is a female hormone that is primarily generated in the ovaries and is required for the development and function of reproductive organs. It controls menstruation, promotes endometrial growth, and directs the development of female secondary sex characteristics. To prevent pregnancy, estrogen is mixed

FGF21 shots lead to breakthrough with snapping out of drunkenness

… FGF21– Some individuals can drink a few bottles of beer without becoming drunk, while others are not so fortunate. Those who are inebriated are usually urged to wait for sobriety to take effect. New research has surfaced that may result in a faster sobering up

Cancer in mice found to decrease by 90% with a battery test

… Cancer — A person’s presence could decrease the life out of a place in a variety of ways. A person who is always negative, criticizing, or complaining, for example, may have a detrimental influence on the mood and morale of others around them. Someone who

Fungus is spreading in the US and it’s immune to drugs

… Fungus – The world has been dealing with the aftereffects of Covid-19, which caused a global epidemic and shifted life to a new normal with new views. As things have slowed, additional health issues, primarily caused by fungus, have surfaced. A dangerous fungal illness was