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Experts expect a better 2023 for the real estate market

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Because of the trend toward increased demand and decreased prices for homes both domestically and overseas, real estate experts anticipate that 2023 will be a year of recovery for the real estate market.

The real estate market slowed down as the pandemic struck many nations. In addition, people put off their ambitions to purchase real estate because of the market’s skyrocketing costs caused by changes in interest and mortgage rates.

The Federal Reserve’s stringent and robust stance on battling national inflation has made the market unstable for buyers, sellers, and investors. As a result, although there was still a great demand for real estate, some acquisitions had to be canceled since the prices fluctuated.

Today, analysts note a 0.3% year-over-year decline in housing prices. Additionally, the  8.8% annual price rise for luxury houses has significantly decreased from its previous 10.9%.

Jonathan Miller, the CEO and president of the assessment firm Miller Samuel, stated that the US markets are slowly emerging from the downturn. Miller thinks the upcoming recession won’t be as bad as the US has experienced previous economic disasters, despite what experts and the Fed said.

“Clearly, the pivot of Fed policy has had an impact on every housing market in the country because rates were too low for too long. It created this insatiable demand and obliterated supply,” said Miller.

Mansion Global’s digital real estate website predicted that several domestic and international real estate markets would face substantial challenges in 2023. For instance, this year will see the revival of the housing markets in Sydney and London. The situation is the same in US residential places such as New York, Miami, and others.

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Real estate in the country

Industry specialists in New York and Miami who Mansion Global consulted concluded that this is a common viewpoint. Real estate investors in New York and Miami are feeling better.

The CEO of Brown Harris Stevens, Bess Freedman, discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the real estate sector in 2022. Hopefully, this year will be better. However, she adds that the adjustment may not be as significant given the strengthening of the currency and the Fed’s steadfast fight against inflation.

“The first two quarters of 2022 were excellent, like superb. And then the third quarter started to slow down, and now the fourth quarter has really slowed down,” said Freedman.

“Real estate will be as it has been recently, which is a little bit rocky. It’s been ups and downs. There are still a lot of people spending a lot of money on expensive apartments—we just had somebody sign something for over $20 million. People are still closing and signing; they aren’t all walking away, but it’s slower. It’s going to be a little challenging in the first quarter and maybe into the second, but I think we’ll rebound and start picking up again,” she added.

“It creates a cautionary environment. No one likes uncertainty, and Manhattan is no different. We’re probably looking at a year closer to pre-pandemic, which was a little bit below average in terms of activity. The 2023 story is going to be normalized, [and] certainly not a boom,” adds Miller.

“Miami—and I think it speaks to a large portion of Florida—was rebranded as a place to work during the pandemic,” Miller said.

“The ability of remote work and greater mobility generally comes with higher compensation. So there’s been a restructuring of Miami real estate, not just because the significant excess supply has been obliterated, but because it’s providing a pro-business atmosphere that is pulling companies out of high-cost housing markets to Florida.”

“When you compare the third quarter of 2022 to the third quarter of 2019, you’re looking at a market with nearly 60% less supply and sales that are 22% higher. In 2023, we’re expecting more of the same: A limited inventory with relatively stable sales activity.”

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Due to several variables, interest rates have also risen in other nations, including Australia. Experts predict that even if loan rates continue to rise in 2023, other purchasers will be encouraged to invest in real estate. Australian regional markets have experienced a rise in property sales.

“On the ground, we’ve seen a definite cooling of the market but little signs of distress. No one is rushing to get out of the market, but for those selling, there is less competition for properties, which is flowing through to flatter price growth,” explained Ray White agency’s chief economist.

“With interest rates expected to continue to rise, it’s looking like a much slower property market compared to what we’ve become accustomed to over the past two years,” she continued.

“After recording a steep monthly decline of 1.6% in August, the rate of monthly decreases in national home values eased. Across Sydney, the quarterly decline trend has eased from -6.1% over the September quarter to -4.4% in the three months to November,” wrote a report from CoreLogic.

Mansion Global predicted that Dubai’s real estate market would see a tremendous rise.

“2022 has been a record-breaking year in terms of transaction volume recorded at the Dubai Land Department, as well as highest price transactions for both rentals and sales,” explained Luxhabitat Sotheby senior global property consultant Andero Morgos.

“We are quite bullish on the luxury real estate market but do not anticipate prices to go up much in 2023. “The focus is all on the quality of the product now, especially branded residences which are being launched along with developers offering more supply of projects in the luxury sector to cater to the influx of millionaires and [ultra-high-net-worth] clients into the UAE,” he adds.