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Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi’s Commitment to the Phoenix Mercury and the 2024 Olympics

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WNBA superstars Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi have recently made their intentions clear. They are determined to continue their journey with the Phoenix Mercury in the upcoming season and aspire to represent the USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Let’s delve into their heartfelt declarations and what lies ahead.

Brittney Griner’s Loyalty to Phoenix and Olympic Aspirations:

Phoenix: A True Home for Griner

Brittney Griner’s connection with Phoenix runs deep. As the Phoenix Mercury’s season came to an end, she, at the age of 33, expressed her unwavering commitment to the team. It’s more than just basketball; it’s a bond she shares with the city and its fans. Griner and her wife recently made Phoenix their home, solidifying their roots in the community. This personal connection to the city adds an extra layer of motivation for Griner to continue wearing the Mercury jersey.

The Olympic Dream

Looking ahead to the 2024 Paris Olympics, Griner’s enthusiasm is palpable. The two-time gold medalist eagerly anticipates the opportunity to don the Team USA jersey once more. To her, representing her country is the highest honor in the world of basketball. Memories of past triumphs with Team USA fuel her desire to continue this legacy, and she’s willing to put in the work to make it happen.

A Turning Point After Russian Ordeal

Griner’s return to the Mercury this season followed her release from wrongful detention in Russia. This traumatic experience marked a turning point in her career. She made a solemn vow that she would only play overseas if it were for the Olympics. This decision reflects not only her commitment to her principles but also her dedication to her country and the game she loves.

Offseason Focus

As the offseason beckons, Griner’s plans extend beyond the typical break. She aims to focus on conditioning, weight management, skill enhancement, and in-depth game analysis. Unlike previous years when she juggled overseas commitments, this offseason offers her a unique opportunity to invest in her personal development. Griner recognizes that a well-prepared offseason can translate to a stronger presence on the court when the 2024 season begins.

Remembering Bill Richardson

Griner’s voice carries a somber note when discussing the passing of Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico who played a pivotal role in advocating for her release from Russia. She acknowledges the debt of gratitude she owes to Richardson for his unwavering support. This poignant moment highlights the impact of allies who stand by athletes during challenging times.

Diana Taurasi’s Ongoing Commitment and Olympic Aspirations:

Taurasi’s Age-Defying Dedication

Diana Taurasi’s career defies conventional timelines. At 42, she remains under contract with the Mercury for the 2024 season. Her remarkable achievement of scoring 10,000 career points during the season attests to her enduring prowess on the court. Taurasi’s longevity in the game is a testament to her unmatched skill and passion for basketball.

Eager Anticipation for Free Agency

Taurasi’s excitement about the Mercury’s prospects in free agency and their use of salary cap space reveals her belief in the team’s potential. Her role as a seasoned leader extends beyond the court, as she eagerly awaits the team’s strategic moves. Her anticipation hints at the team’s ambitious plans and her continued role as a key player.

The Olympic Journey Awaits

Turning her attention to the 2024 Paris Olympics, Taurasi conveys her determination to give her best to secure a spot on the national team. Her readiness to represent her country reflects her unwavering patriotism and love for the sport. Taurasi’s presence on the Olympic stage would not only be a personal achievement but also an inspiration to aspiring athletes.


Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi’s declarations demonstrate their profound dedication to the Phoenix Mercury and their burning desire to contribute to Team USA’s success at the 2024 Olympics. These two WNBA legends are set to continue their inspiring journeys, both on and off the court, as they lead by example and inspire a new generation of basketball enthusiasts.