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Behind-the-Scenes Look at 80 for Brady with Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin

The upcoming sports comedy 80 for Brady is making waves thanks to an all-star cast of legendary actresses. Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin starred in the film, most recently appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote it.

The four actresses had a great time while they were on the show, and things quickly got out of hand. They talked about their experiences working together as well as some hilarious behind-the-scenes tales from the movie.

They also discussed the importance of representation and diversity in Hollywood, especially for older women.

One of the highlights of the interview was a tour of the backstage area, including the changing rooms. With over 300 years of acting experience together, the group of women couldn’t pass up the chance to have some fun in the dressing room.

They also had a good time, making jokes and even snapping a few silly pictures to demonstrate how playful they still are.

The 80 for Brady press tour has been a hit so far, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. With such a talented cast, it’s no surprise that the film got a lot of attention. Audiences will love it if the movie is half the fun of the press tour.

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Kelly Had Fun

In a recent interview with Hollywood’s “Fab Four” – Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Sandra Field – talk show host Kelly Clarkson asked the iconic actresses about their fitness and exercise experiences in their youth. 

While all of the women had participated in Jane Fonda’s iconic workout routines, Field and Moreno went above and beyond by attending her classes in-person in California’s San Fernando Valley. 

Moreno jokingly asked Fonda if she remembered her, to which Fonda deadpanned “No.” But she did remember Field.

However, the conversation quickly turned into a lighthearted and comedic exchange as Clarkson asked who among the four was the flirtiest. 

Moreno shared an amusing story about a conversation she had with Fonda about sex, to which the 90-year-old West Side Story actress simply replied that she was over it. But a week later, while they were filming a scene in a locker room, that story went flying out in all directions.

Overall, the interview was a fun and entertaining look into the lives of these beloved Hollywood icons and the dynamic between them. The conversation was reminiscent of a full-blown Golden Girls episode, leaving the audience wanting more.

What Moreno Shared

Moreno shared a humorous anecdote about her experience on the set of the movie “80 for Brady.” 

Moreno, who is now 90 years old, recounts entering the locker room and being surprised by the pheromones in the air. Despite her age, she notes that a “little ovary” inside of her was still saying “Everybody up!”

“In the locker room are these amazing, amazing people. The guys in the movie,” Moreno stated. 

“We’re entering the room and to my absolute amazement — I have to stand up for this — to my absolute amazement, I swear to God, I take a deep breath and … I say to myself, ‘Pheromones.’ And then I’m talking to myself, I go, ‘You’re 90, for God’s sake, you’re 90.'”

This lighthearted comment not only showcases Moreno’s lively spirit and sense of humor, but also touches on the idea that age does not have to limit one’s sexuality. 

“You’re alive!” Clarkson reminded her.

“And you know, I know now,” Moreno added, “somewhere in here, there’s a little ovary saying, ‘Everybody up!'”

Moreno’s co-star, Clarkson, also reminds her that “You’re alive!” highlighting the importance of living in the present and not letting age define one’s experiences.

As fans of the hit Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” say goodbye to the series, it’s clear that Moreno’s character will be missed. However, her relatable and candid comment serves as a reminder that even at 90 years old, there is still so much life to be lived.

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Cast of 80 for Brady

“80 for Brady” is a movie that tells the story of a group of seniors who decide to take a road trip together to fulfill a lifelong dream. The movie features an all-star cast of talented actors and actresses who bring their unique performances to the characters.

The lead of the movie is played by legendary actress, Rita Moreno, who plays the role of Maria. Moreno’s portrayal of Maria’s vitality and sense of humor is a highlight of the movie and showcases her acting range, even at the age of 90. 

Moreno brings a relatable and candid commentary on the subject of aging and sexuality.

The movie also features veteran actors like Jane Lynch and Sam Elliott, who play the roles of Linda and Jack, respectively. Lynch’s portrayal of Linda’s strength and determination is a highlight of the movie, while Elliott’s portrayal of Jack’s vulnerability and wisdom adds depth to the story.

Another notable cast member is Michael Cera, who plays the role of David, the grandson of Maria. Cera’s portrayal of David’s struggling with getting older and his relationship with his grandmother bring a different perspective to the story.

The cast also includes talented actors such as Bradley Whitford, Holland Taylor, and June Squibb, who each bring their unique performances to their respective roles.

The cast of “80 for Brady” is a diverse group of actors and actresses who bring their unique talents to the movie. The chemistry between the cast members is evident on screen, and their performances are sure to resonate with audiences of all ages. 

The movie is a heartwarming and relatable story that highlights the importance of fulfilling one’s dreams and living in the present, regardless of one’s age.

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